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General Facts

Within its compact borders, Connecticut has forested hills, new urban skylines, shoreline beaches, white-steeple colonial churches, and historic village greens. There are classic Ivy League schools, modern expressways, great corporate offices, and small farms. Connecticut is a thriving center of business, as well as a vacation land. It is both a New England state, and suburban to New York City.

Name of State: Connecticut

Statehood:  January 9, 1788 (5th state)

Nickname/Official Designation:   "The Constitution State" was adopted by Act of the Legislature, 1959.

Name Origin/Indian:  Quinnehtukqut -- Mohegan for "Long River Place" or "Beside the Long Tidal River"

Capitol:  Hartford, the sole Capital City since 1875

Governor:  John G. Rowland

State Motto:  Qui Transtulit Sustinet -- "He Who Transplanted Still Sustains"

Population:  The population of Connecticut was 3,287,116 according to the 1990 U.S. Official Census. The most recent population estimate from the Connecticut Department of Public Health is 3,274,238 as of July 1, 1996.

Cities with largest population (1990):

  1. Bridgeport, 141,686

  2. Hartford, 139,739

  3. New Haven, 130,474

  4. Waterbury, 108,961

  5. Stamford, 108,056

Area:  5,018 square miles

Counties:  8

Towns:  169

Cities:  21

Boroughs:  9

Famous For:  Inventors (Charles Goodyear, Elias Howe, Eli Whitney, Eli Terry), Inventions, Watchmaking, Typewriters, Insurance, Submarines

Info excerpted from Connecticut Home Page


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