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   ParkMaps.com's strategic placement of your ads on our website can help you attract the business you want. We offer a variety of advertising services to local, national, and international businesses. ParkMaps.com Inc. is the leading provider of detailed information and maps for parks, golf courses, museums, and amusement park maps and information throughout the world. We assist our Internet users in determining where to spend their next vacation by providing them with the required information. Our viewers are able to purchase travel packages, outdoor gear, outdoor books, and maps at this site. They will also be able to find information on local companies (primarily outfitters, restaurants, and hotels) that will assist them in their choice of where to eat and stay. ParkMaps.com serves as a travel and outdoor recreation portal to the prospective Internet viewer. A virtual one-stop shop for outdoor travelers.

Ad Placement

    The placement of your ad is extremely important, which is why we take the time to research the types of businesses that advertise with us. Our site is structured into regional categories, which is an excellent opportunity to attract customers that are visiting parks and attractions close to your business.

Types of Advertising and Pricing

    Banner ads: We offer 5 different locations on each page for banner ads. As you can see from this page. You can provide the banner or we can design one for you. The banner can be linked to your website or if you wish we can provide you with an area on our site that can give details of your products and services, which can be updated as frequently as you need. Prices may vary depending on ad location on website.

Banner Page Location File and Image Size Price/year
(1 yr Commit)
(2 yr Commit.)
Top Large Left-Center 468 X 60, 15K $109.00 $89.00
Top Right-Corner 120X60, 10K $89.00 $79.00
Sides of Page 120X60, 10K $15.00 $10.00
Nearby Businesses 250X70 $10.00 $5.00
Entire Page 8.5' X 11' $250.00 $150.00
Additional Pages   Call for info Call for info

Nearby Business Pages: On every park information page we offer a link(like the one on this page) to a listing of nearby businesses. The listing contains your company's name, logo(120X35, 5K), contact information, a small description and location. A small location map can be provided also. 

    Newsletter Ad: ParkMaps.com Monthly Newsletter is also a great way to make customers aware of your products and services. You can provide our Newsletter subscribers with detailed descriptions.
Prices may vary, depending on amount of material.

   Outdoor or Attraction Feature Articles: If your company has a special promotion or sale, you might want to provide us with an outdoor or attraction related theme that we can feature on our front page from 1 to 3 months. You may wish to have rotating articles for a period of time. Email for pricing advertising@parkmaps.com

Contact Us

    To contact one of our advertising specialists or have any questions, you can fill out our customer information form, email us at advertising@parkmaps.com

Prices are subject to change without notice. A minimum 3 month contract on all banner ads. Discounts may apply on contracts over 6 months.   

Copyright 2000, ParkMaps.com.
email: info@parkmaps.com


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